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Letter to our colleagues and friends

We are currently seeking donations to support our work on a Cob Code.

Please see our CrowdRise funding campaign and consider donating today:

CRI CrowdRise

Announcing a $3,500 Match

The good folks at CASBA, the California Straw Building Association, have offered a matching $3,500 donation to CRI.
Here is a chance to double your support of the IRC Cob Code Appendix!
Donate before June 30th and CASBA will match your donation, dollar for dollar.

We are also seeking people to join in a CRI peer-to-peer funding campaign.

Contact us and we will work with you to increase CRI's funding.

Donate and join at

CRI at Work

In the past three years, CRI has accomplished much towards our goal of a cob building code.

We have

  • grown our website
  • developed a library of cob information
  • published our first newsletter
  • attended Terra2016 in France
  • presented an EarthUSA white paper
  • collaborated with TEG
  • in-line tested four cob walls
  • out-of-plane tested a cob wall
  • R-value tested a cob wall panel
  • learned to function as a non-profit
  • written and submitted an IRC Cob Construction Appendix Building Code

To support this work, we have held a successful crowdfunding.
With the support of more than 100 donors over the past half year, CRI has raised more than $10,000.
This has brought CRI 1/5 of the way to our $50,000 goal.

This funding is needed to

  • cover the costs of writing the IRC Appendix and Commentary
  • attend and shepherd the code through ICC hearings in May and October of this year
  • complete additional research, development, structural and R-value testing of low-density cob mixes, wall reinforcing, and other code improvements

If you want to build with cob where a building permit is required, then CRI is working for you!

Support CRI to help set cob free!

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