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Cob Code Proposal and Supporting Documents

This page is a repository for supporting documents for code change proposal RB299-19, IRC Appendix BK (AU in IRC 2021) - Cob Construction (Monolithic Adobe).

On this page you will find the code proposal, testing reports and analysis, research papers, professional and academic journal papers, and other references.

RB299-19 proposed to add Appendix AU to the 2021 IRC. It was submitted to the International Code Council (ICC) in January 2019, and was heard at the ICC Committee Action Hearings (CAH) by the IRC Building Committee on May 4, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM. See a summary of the result at IRC Committee Action Hearings result.

Revisions to RB299-19 were submitted in July 2019 via a public comment. It will be heard and voted on at the ICC Public Comment Hearings (PCH) the last week of October 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

Please direct inquiries to Martin Hammer: by e-mail or at (510) 684-4488

PDF of the submitted Proposal:
Proposal RB299-19 - Appendix AU Cob Construction (Monolithic Adobe)

PDF of the submitted Public Comment (including original Proposal):
Public Comment for RB299-19 – Appendix AU Cob Construction (Monolithic Adobe)

2024 Appendix BK (formerly AU) Proposal Update Resources

Supporting Documents by Category:

(Documents marked ** indicate direct support of proposed Appendix AU)