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IRC Appendix AU - Cob Construction (Monolithic Adobe) - Now with commentary!

Here are two ways you can get the new ICC published CRI Cob Code

  • On the ICC website as a free, read-only document - at this link. Please note that the digital version does not include commentary.
  • As a no charge PDF download courtesy of CRI - Now available with commentary!

CRI has purchased a set of PDF reference copies, which we are offering for single download at no charge. The number of available downloads is limited, so please read the Appendix AU Approval and Use Overview to decide which form of access meets your needs.

Please use this form to receive a PDF copy:

This download is available at no charge to everyone who needs an offline copy of the Appendix AU for study or as a reference. We ask only that you limit your access to one download per person.

Please donate to CRI if you can!

Providing free digital copies of the cob code is a valuable resource. Print versions of the International Residential Code (IRC) can be prohibitively expensive, and the online version does not include useful commentary. CRI has invested much time, money, and dedication to this building code, so please donate to CRI if you have the means!

Thanks for supporting CRI,

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